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Ever encountered banana skins in your OR?

Of course, we don’t really think there are banana skins lying around in your hospital, let alone in your operating room (OR). So what is the link between banana skins and Ansell then?

Well, banana skins are universally recognised as being slippery and they often go unnoticed. Which is why they pose a danger. And that brings us to today’s  topic : slipping, tripping and falling is one of the hidden dangers in the OR room. A serious danger, even, as slippery and wet substances and surfaces (caused by spills, lint, talcum powder, etc.) or other obstacles in hospitals cause an astounding 7,000,000 lost working days each year. Slip, trip and fall incidents are even the most common occupational hazards in Europe’s healthcare sector!
Want some useful tips and tricks to prevent them? Let Ansell introduce you to some very smart, yet simple solutions.
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